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Re: Heated washers

Dave Liquorice wrote:
> Does LR do heated washers for a DII? My motor has the "winter pack",
> ie heated front screen, heated mirrors, heated seats, but not heated
> washers!
> Having had to stop on the hard shoulder of the M6 twice today to clean
> the screen (with snow from the bonnet) of fine salt spray due to
> frozen washers I'm looking for something to unfreeze 'em in less than
> 2hrs that the heat from the engine seems to take. If LR don't do 'em
> are there any suitable and effective aftermarket kits? I don't know if
> it's just the jets freezing or the pipework as well.

I've just been driving my 90 round the alps for a couple of weeks
snowboarding and it was down to at least -18 at times. I topped my
washer bottle up with undiluted winter screenwash after using most of
the existing mix on the way down from Rotterdam. I reckon mine must
have been 75% screenwash. After that it didn't freeze. Obviously its
worth checking your nozzles are clear of snow/ice before you set off
even if its undiluted.

Just wish I had headlamp, mirror and side windows washers too. It was
only when I'd driven inside an unlit avalanche shield that I realised
how filthy my lights had got!


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