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Re: HELP - no gears selectable

"Dougal" <> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> MrLobby wrote:
>> The gearlever has always felt fairly vague when it comes to selecting
>> gears but now it feels even more so. If its just the selector fork
>> thats 'snapped' or whatever they do then how easyu a job is it to
>> chnage . I have an old s2a gearbox laying around, and another old LR
>> gearbox that I cannot quite identify its origin. Any ideas before i
>> have to start removing boxes. Does irt sound like a box out job,
>> because its -5 here and falling and i dont really fancy that tonight.
>> Regards
>> Tony

> When you move the gear lever does it sound/feel as if any of the selector
> shafts are moving? Can you hear the gears 'clunking' into position?
> Does it actually feel as if you are still moving in a 'gate' or jusr
> stirring nothing?
> Can you twist the gear lever about a vertical axis? Have you lost/broken
> the grub screw that screws into the side of the main pivot ball for the
> lever? If this has gone it's possible that the ball on the end of the
> lever is no longer constrained within the gate. You might be able to
> waggle it back into position but that's not a long term solution.
> You might be able to see something if you peel back the gear lever gaiter.

Thanks for all your suggestions, i will look deeper tomorrow when its
daylight again
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