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Re: How much gas for Focus Gia 1.8 115PS

I can only think to see if there is an upgrade for your ECU and get your
dealer to check it over.

If your heater in on WINDSCREEN ONLY thin this on uk models makes the AC
come on even when u do not want it on and the AC light will not come on.
Try setting to SCREEN AND FEET on your heater.


"Ulrich Thoenes" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hello from Germany,
> since some month I am driving my foccus 1.8 Gia with 115 PS.
> My feeling is that the liter gas per 100km is a little high. In my case
> it's between 8.2 l/100km and 9 l/100km.
> I am usualy not using aircondition and my avarage speed is no more than
> 130 km/h.
> Are there any experiences from other foccus owners ?
> Any tips how to reduce gas consumption ?
> Regards, Ulli T.
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