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Re: Overfinch RR!!!

"Nige" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Was coming home from Manchester today (went to see Embrace at the MEN
> arena last night) in the Subaru (the wife would NOT let me take her to the
> Lowry hotel in the RR!!!) & I could *just* about keep up with it in the
> '0-60 in 5.9 seconds' Subaru! It looked feckin' horrid though, with a
> manky body kit on etc! The Subaru has 227 bhp, the same more or less as my
> LSE. How much does a new RR Overfinch have? BTW, no speed limits where
> broken in the trivial pastime i found this morning!
> Also saw a new Supercharged RR on the M62 at dinnertime, he WAS on a
> mission to get nicked! The TVR driver wasn't looking too chuffed at
> getting blown away by a Rangie anyway!
> Also, a very tidy 101 went past me house in Thackley today!!!!
> Nige
> --�
> Subaru WRX
> Range Rover LSE (Bob)
> '"gimme the f*ckin' money"

I had a look, if it was the modest 580s just a very usable 380 bhp. If
however it was the insane Supersport how about 500 bhp it probably needs the
aerodynamic pack to stop it taking off , and -they havent got any for sale!
all gone! so thats off the christmas list then, never mind just enjoy the
movie turn the sound up for that singing V8 and try to ignore that bloke
with the perm
now where have they hidden that one with the race against a Ford Focus?
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