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Re: Revenue weight - problem at MOT time

"glencoyne" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Copy of message I have already posted on S2 club forum:
> I just took a 1963 2A 109 petrol to my local MOT station. They now
> have the new computerised testing system which they did not have last
> time. They input the chassis number into the system and then informed
> me that they could not carry out the MOT.
> Reason given was that the vehicle has a revenue weight of 3499kg gross,
> and must therefore undergo a class 7 MOT test (commercial vehicles 3000
> - 3499kg GRW) which most MOT stations are not equipped for. I was
> given a computerised printout which showed the reason for rejection as
> 'Vehicle details entered incorrectly at test registration - wrong class
> vehicle'.
> Sure enough, the V5 states revenue weight of 3499kg gross. I thought
> this might be a one-off error: with a 2A weighing about 1800kg empty,
> if you load it up to 3499kg the chassis will probably bend in the
> middle. But then I checked the V5s for other commercial bodied Land
> Rovers that I have at the moment, and found revenue weights on the V5s
> as follows:
> 1971 2a 109: 3499kg
> 1964 2a 88: 2465kg
> 1959 S2 88: 3499kg
> 1980 S3 Lightweight: 3499kg
> 1983 S3 88: 3499kg
> 1958 S2 109: 2465kg
> 1987 90 hardtop: 3499kg
> Houston, we have a problem. It looks as though DVLA have been using
> 3499kg as the default revenue weight on Land Rover V5s for a very long
> time. Apart from the shortage of class 7 testing stations, the test
> costs more than a class 4 test. I don't know if it is any tougher.
> So I rang DVLA and was told that to change the revenue weight, all you
> need to do is enter the new weight on the V5C, sign it and send it back
> to them. I will do this today, but first:
> Does anyone know what the correct revenue weight (gross laden weight)
> is for the various models of Land Rover? The only ones I have found so
> far (from a Series 3 handbook) are:
> Series 3 88 inch (all) 2120kg
> Series 3 109 inch 4 and 6 cyl (exc. 1 Ton) 2710kg
> I guess these apply equally to Series 2 and 2A equivalents, but it
> would be nice to have this confirmed.
> Richard

Does the term revenue weight mean that this onlty applies to commercials or
does it apply to PLG as well. Mine is a Defender CSW with 12 seats and I had
a nightmare problem when I first got it new in 1998. No one could tell me
when the MoT was due as it had 12 seats it was treated as amini bus and
neede one after 12 months not 3 years.
I checked my V5 and the revenue weight section is blank ??

John H
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