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Re: Time to be worried...

Paul - xxx wrote:
> Steve came up with the following;:
>> Paul - xxx wrote:
>>>> The scary thing is the bastards might have shot you before they
>>>> realise they have made "a mistake", on the basis of the electronic
>>>> intelligence they have received
>>> Yeah, 'cos that happens every day, doesn't it? Get real.

>> So, on how many days will you permit it, and what happens if its
>> you or yours next time ? Carrying a bag of suspicious looking
>> ----table legs ?

> How many times has that happened? How many people in UK?

Too many!

> WTF has this to do with Landrovers?

Nowt to do with landrovers.
The sad thing is it has happened and there is little or no evidence that the
perpetrators have undertaken not to do it again!

"He who says it cannot be done should not interrupt her doing it."

If at first you don't succeed,
maybe skydiving's not for you!
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