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Re: Volvo XC70 watch the mechanic they saw you coming

I understand your frustration but 1degree is minor ,my old Fairlane was
several degrees negative on one side and several degrees positive on the
other from new .I had to put in a kit to correct it .An old Chrysler was
half an inch longer on one side had to pack the back shackles to align the
axle.Correct me please but is one degree a big deal ,what happens when your
in the car for example ,does the alignment change ? It should and was the
mechanic able to show you his results ?Many are the mechanics who would milk
us if they could they dont see a customer the see a wallet coming towards
them when you walk in .I lived in Tasmania for almost eight years and the
tricks and deceit from the Ford dealers amazed me let alone the little
garages .One mechanic punctured the brake booster on cars that came in so he
could replace the hissing sound with a new booster as well he was caught
changing parts to use on his own cars .The worst one was caught painting old
pads to look like new ones ,he was filmed doing it and shown on national
television .I am an ex cabbie 25 years was enough and the tricks I have
seen made me learn how to do things my self I had to so the Volvo is a sweet
car to me we have three of them .P\S another (trick )was to put pads into
auto Trans fluid to stop them squeaking ,they didn't brake well after that
either .

"Andrew Szafran" <[email protected]> wrote in
message news:[email protected]
>> a car with no suspension adjustment. When they took me into the svc.

> <snip>
>> "something might be bent". SHIT!!! You can't even adjust the camber
>> from the top of the strut-towers like on older Volvos. I've had Volvos

> Sure you can if you're willing to void the warranty. I suspect the strut
> mounting holes can be enlarged and the strut nuts clamped down using
> larger washers. That's been done with many car models which have little
> or "no" room for adjustment.
>> agents in my office have optioned-out Crown Victorias that are both a
>> few years old, each with over 250K, and except for normal maintenance,
>> nothing has gone wrong. Last Summer, my A.C. went out twice. My C.V.

> Crown Vic is a good car. Sort of like a big Volvo 960 with a V-8 instead
> of the I-6. I suspect you can find ex-cop cars for not too much, and the
> cop cars get all of the handling goodies by default. Also look at the
> Chyrsler/Dodge LX cars (Chargnum300).
> -Andrew
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