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Re: Windsor-Fox RIP OFF

Thank the dear Lord.... it is Feb 15th and we shall soon be past this
misdated travesty....

"gcroix" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hello all,
> I ordered a custom made wiring harness for my 1966 Mustang from
> WINDSOR-FOX, whom I thought was a reputable company in California. This
> company, WINDSOR-FOX has been mentioned in articles in magazines and
> websites, which led me to think they were good people. In September I sent
> them a complete wiring harness from a newer car (value $300) and a money
> order for $549. Several excuses and months later, I suspect I'm out the
> money. I've contemplated telling the BBB in their area (Apple Valley, CA),
> contacting a lawyer there, or contacting the local tv station/newspaper.
> However, I don't think any of those will help my case. I've also thought
> about contacting the company and telling them, "Look if you don't send my
> $/part immediately, I'm going to (do all that)." I can't afford to write
> off $850, but I think I may have to. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
> GMC in GA
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