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Today after coming from church, I felt like playing a llittle with DOS and win 3.1 on my computer. My second hard drive is split into two partitions, one for experimenting with new programs and backing up my other hard drive, and the other for storing games and downloads. I installed DOS on the first partition and for some weird reason, it reformatted the WHOLE hard drive. I've played with dos before and it never formatted the whole drive, just the first partition. Now I have lost over 500mb of games, school essays, tempo pics, vacation pics, party pics, backups of most of my floppies, all my computer downloads, music, and maybe worst of all, the two websites I was working on, one of them personal, the other on tempos. Oh well, it'll only take me about three years to get everything back together, LOL.

The moral of the story: If you have a CD burner or backup system, use it! I was going to burn everything onto a disc, just never did. It sucks so bad to loose everything on your computer.

Have a good day,
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