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Hi, I'm new here, and don't know exactly where to post.
I recently upgraded the front speakers in my 97 Taurus SHO, and it was pretty easy. I would like to change the rear speakers, but have no idea how to get to them. I checked a Haynes manual, but couldn't find anything of help. From the trunk, I can see where the speakers are mounted, and the several clips holding the piece covering the speakers/high-mounted brake light, but still don't know how to get the cover off. Can anyone describe to me how this can be done?
Also, there is a space for a third speaker in between the two factory 5x7s...It appears to be for a 6x9 or or a 7x10. Has anyone put a speaker in that space? What size speaker fits there?
Please, anyone with any knowledge on the subject help me out.
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