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Hello Friends:

I Have A 2002 Ford Taurus Ses, And Went To Have A Bulldog Remote Starter Model Rs122 Installed Yesterday. When I Went To Pick Up The Car After Hours And Try The Starter, It Wasn't Working Right, And I'm Trying To Figure Out Why. Here's What Happens:

1. When I Press The Start Button, You Can Hear The Fuel Pump Come On, But Then Nothing Happens.

2. When I Press Start Again, It Will Start The Engine, But It Runs For About 6 Seconds, And Then Dies.

3. The System Will Attempt To Restart The Car 3 Times, And The Results Are The Same. It Dies After 6 Seconds.

4. On One Occasion, The Car Started And Didn't Die. But, Then I Heard This Horrible Grinding Sound, And Realized That The Remote Starter Was Trying To Start The Engine When It Was Already Running!!


This Is Very Strange Behavior, And I'm Wondering If Anyone Can Direct Me To The Problem. Is It An Anti-theft Problem , Or Getting Around The Car's Security System? They Actually Had To Imbed My Second Key Into The Transponder Unit To Get Around The Anti-theft System Or Something Like That. Or, Is This A Wiring Issue?

Regardless, I Will Take It Back To See What Is Wrong, But Wanted To Check First To See If You Had Any Thoughts.

Thanks For Your Help!
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