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Ok, fords killed the S and turned it into SR. Its sort of a confused model in Fords range, somewhere between XR6/8 but more poverty, yet lots of body kit.

Can we come up with a better name, or a name to add to the S/SR to help its image. Since the S/SR doesn't have much of a reputation or heritage a name change might be a good idea. Also can anyone think of any ideas for a run out falcon?

Avenger Falcon
-5.0V8 (200Kw)
-5 speed manuel
-live rear end (sports suspension)
-single colour
-16 inch wheels
-scuf guards
-Avenger badging
-spoiler/stubtle body kit
-Cheap price/limited number

-SR based
-Painted calipers
-Coloured dials
-Fog lights
-Shift light

Fairlane-R (or is it GT?)
-Black exterior
-Black interior
-chromed external door handles
-aggressive alloys
-red/chrome highlights/dials
-spoiler (chromed?)

Forte Interceptor
-4.0 5 speed
-sports suspension
-diffrent spoiler
-diffrent steering wheel?
-chrome interor door handles (something interior)

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I like the idea of an interceptor. Hmmm. Plain white Forte, TS50 suspenion, big brakes, plain steel rims with trick rubber, XR type seats with darker Forte type trim, 220kw V8 with either 5 speed or the FTE auto, 3.45:1 Hydratrak or LSD, and anything else from the Police option bin. Besides the badges and name are already on the Ford books, late model CrownVic.

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Ford Forte Interceptor
-Dark Graphite interior
-Venom red
-4.0 5 speed
-Sump guard
-Fire extinguisher
I get about $31800 for that off the config

-Leather gear knob (costs ford about $15)
-Shift light (costs ford about $5)
-Chrome Exaust tip (costs ford about $5)
-badging (costs ford about $5)
-interceptor floor mats (costs ford about $5)
-chrome interior door handles off fairmont (costs ford about $5)

Price it at ~$29990 and you have a Magna Sports killer. A car that will be popular with those wanting a car thats a good drive but can live with out alot of crap.

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I've just spent the afternoon watching Mad Max (again). Call it Interceptor; it should be bright yellow with chromed rims (18-inch of course);)

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I still think that Ford should give the customers more freedom in what options/mods they can get on various models. Engines/transmissions/driveline/suspension and wheels should be able to be optioned on a Forte right thru to a Ghia.
That would then make the likes of the SR or inteceptor available even if it's not a Ford model spec.
Food for thought.
imagine a 6 speed Forte with a 5.4/ or stove hot 6 with all the fat trimmed!mmmm.:nuts:

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The problems with added options is that it costs more, requires more time, increases waiting times and stuff like that. Plus Ford makes more money when people buy things in packages they don't really need.

Ford could definately do this on the tickfords however, you bring your cheque book and they can make you almost anything. I think Ford should start comming up with limited runs (say ~250 car batches) of cars spec'd quite diffrently to the normal range.

That way you could just put in what you want down at the ford dealer and wait for the run to start and have a few things dealer (or super dealer) fitted.

It would be easier to sell excess models as they would all be "limited editions". Then judging from the demand ford can plan specifications and package deals.

6 speed V8's, hot six strippers, LTD or Fairlane Ghias with sporty overtones, it could all happen... There would be little ecroachment on other models because they are limited editions.

Hell it would give people a reason to go down to the nearest Ford dealer and check out the latest special editions or put a name down for up and comming, while they are there they might see a good deal on something else..

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A Forte Interceptor sounds like a great idea.. heh put some body coloured Globe Bathurst mags on it in 16" size, body kit, XR6 motor, R5 crossover headlights, and a slightly enlargened Fairmont grille.. even if it was a $5000 option or more, add that to $30,000 and you've got better value than Crappodore S, or 'other' competitors, such as Ricers n stuff..

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Simply Ford need to do something. Something for US the customer not for themselves.

Surely there's money in it for Ford to have Limited edition runs. You know that every part on it will be over priced, weather it is also on the Forte.

Ford have a lot of thinking to do...

2002 Ford Intercepter
Manual only
T series everything
Yellow duco only
16x8 Apachie rims
wheel flares
small roof scoop.
duel pipes, one on each side!
small bonnet scoop
blue/red stripes

Maybe not.
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