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Help! I have a 1997 Sable 3.0 OHV engine I am in the process of replacing the cam position sensor and the distributor looking shaft that it mounts on. The haynes manual says I need a special tool to align the sensor shaft before slipping it into the engine. The local dealers have been no help at all locating this tool Ford# 303-589.

1. Can I complete this repair wiothout the tool? If so, how. The haynes shows the angle that the sensor should end up but it does not tell what position the half moon in the sensor shaft should be in. That is what the alignment that the tool is used for. If I knew the position that the half moon thinghy should be in when the shaft gear is engaged in the cam gear at cylinder 1 TDC, I may be able to complete this repair.

2. Does anyone know where I can get this tool, is it made by an after market company?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


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Bad news I'm afraid. We never got the OHV Taurus/Sable over here, only the Duratec powered egg one and that didn't last. I really don't know about that engine and I doubt any one here does either sorry. Might need to try another forum. Thanks anyway for dropping in.
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