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64 Falcon with massaged 289 and built C4 tranny
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Got my exhaust done and it sounds great with the lopey cam, especially...

I had to change out the distributor. It was some kind of brand X and the centrifugal advance was messed up among other things..

I bought a new Distributor and coil from Summit Racing. Installed it and got it dialed in. Works like a charm.

I was doing some other wiring under the hood and was looking for 12 volts to hook up an electric fan and switch. When I measured the voltage going to the coil, it was around 6 volts DC. I was a little concerned, because I thought it should be 12. I have a full schematic of the vehicle, and so I checked to see if there was some reason that this would be lower. I noticed that Ford uses a "resistance wire" coming from the ignition switch to the positive side of the coil. Then I recalled that back in the day, many cars used a ballast resistor. I am assuming that this resistance wire takes the place of that resistor with the original system. Since I have installed a new coil and distributor, I am wondering if I need to keep this resistance wire, or replace it with a regular conductor? I have been working with newer ignition systems for so long, I don't know if I need to keep this wiring. I called Summit and they were not sure. The car starts and runs as it is, but am I robbing myself of spark I should be getting? Has anyone been down this path before? Please advise as to whether or not I should leave this as is or replace the resistance wire. Thanks in advance...
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