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My full introduction (probably WAY too long...) is in the "introductions" section. Suffice to say, I am in the early stages of restoring a 1962 Lincoln Continental that came out of a barn in Illinois after 27 years. Having 84,000 miles on it, it is the lowest mileage car in the family! I will be doing most of the work myself, around all of my other professional and household obligations. Sigh. Right now I'm in the process of removing all of the front suspension and the engine (rest of the drivetrain is already out, and so are the seats). I'll have to replace the deck lid and work on rust around the wheel wells, but the most serious problem is the rear end main frame. I'm afraid there is a section missing back there, which will have to be replaced....

I'll try to get some jpg's up and running sometime. Meanwhile, you could go to for some pics of the car the day it arrived 2/26/2000.

Hope to hear from folks soon!


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i dono about anybody else but the link didnt work for me. try and get those pix up on the board i would realy like to see her.
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