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With the number of votes coming in having trickled down to zero, we can confidently say that the results we have are conclusive. I will need to ask Zantetsuken to write up the precise figures, though from memory, 85% of all EA-ED and EF-EL voters were pro-merger, the rest against.

Sundeep has also given his formal approval of the merger, so all that is left is the reform of the new EA-EL Club, voting, and so on.

As a temporary measure, the EA-ED and EF-EL Clubs are both 'divisions' of the EA-EL Club. The web sites and structures are seperate until we can get organised. We need a new URL amongst other changes, each of which shall need to be voted on so that the members like what is happening.

It will be a big task, and one that will ironically have only a minimal effect on our actual meets. But we have the many benefits outlined in the original EA-EL merger proposal thread to look forward to.

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Sure thing....

Voting Statistics:

86% voted YES
14% voted NO

The result was overwhelming in support of the merger, so now, it's onwards and upwards from here!

Cheers... Tim
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