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Rocker switch to the left of steering wheel column 2018 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew

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Does anyone know what this switch does? I just purchased this truck and I cannot find anything online about it. When it is switched in to the ON position the light turns on and doesn’t turn off even when the vehicle is off and the keys are pulled
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This is just about the same as your truck but it doesn't have the little switch in it. It might be an after market thing previous owner installed. Have someone look around at the outside of the truck when you turn it on and off and see if anything lightens up or happens. Heated mirrors maybe. It's not a diesel is it? I was thinking maybe glow plug switch. See if the dealer has any info about it

On most Fords nowadays the heated mirrors only come on with the rear defogger .Dont know of any glow plug switch ever been fitted in that vehicle

Is it not possible to get in contact with previous owner and ask them ?
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts