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ROTM FAQ's, and rules:

What is ROTM?

Ride of the month is a contest we have monthly here on on active members). People post pic's of there ride and we nominate who we think has the best Ford on the site and then after we nominate a few people, the people with the required nom's move onto the voting to officially decide who is going to represent that month for our site. The point in doing this is not only to provide our members with something to look forward to, but people put a lot of work into their Fords, and they deserve to be able to show them off, and be congratulated for there hard work.

Do I have to own a ford?

Yes you have to personally own the Ford, and we the mod/admin team of Forum will decide what the theme will be. I.E model, or color, or type of Ford to run for ROTM.

Can mods/admins throw there Ford into the ROTM?

Of course they can.:thup:

Does my Ford have to be running?
Yes, But it must also be mechanical sound and running good, I.E no codes, no rough idle, no broken engine parts. but if it was running during nominations, but had a mishap and died during voting, it will be the moderators choice on whether it can run in the voting or not.

NOTE: Exceptions will be made for certain accidents that happen last minute.

When do nominations begin and end?

Nominations will begin on the 1st of the month and end on the 15th of that month.

How many nominations do I need to make it into the voting?

you must have 30 nom's from fellow FF members.

How are the final nomination's chosen?

3-5 people will be picked after the nominations end to run in the voting. If there is a situation where there are not enough people running or there is 8 people and only 2 got of them 30 nominations, then mod's will step in and make a decision on who moves on or to end it for that month.

When does the voting start and end?

Voting begins the 16th of that month and ends at the end of that month.

What happens in the event of a voting tie?

In the case of a tie the mods/admin team on FF will decide who the winner is.

Do I have to post pic's and a mod list?

Yes, pic's of your ride are mandatory! But the modification list is optional. Pic's can be posted on forum by using picture site's such as, or, and just post the URL of the pic you want to post. Also if you have a video, you can not post it directly in the thread, you must put it in a album and have a link to that album, those^ site's will allow you to make a album for specific pic's and video's you wish to share.

Does my Ford have to be modified?

Yes, you must have some modifications done to run in the nominations and voting. Restorations are allowed too in certain months.

Do I need a certain amount of mods?

No, but the more you have the better your chance.

How many people can I nominate?

You can only give out 5 nominations.

How many times can I win ROTM?

You can only win ROTM once every 8 months.

If I have been randomly selected to run for ROTM:
If you have been randomly selected to run for ROTM you will receive a PM notifying you that you have been nominated, and if you do not wish to participate, contact me(Djzx3) before the date specified in the PM.

If it is voting time and you do not wish to run, but did not respond to the PM before the specified date, I will see what I can do to remove you from the voting, but you will not be allowed to participate in the ROTM for a mandatory year.

Ride of the year:bowd:

Ride of the Year:
Ride of the year is a special contest, there is no nominations or voting on members part, it is totally decided by the moderator/administer team.

What happens is every December 31st the mod/admin team will hold our own nominations, and voting out of the public eye, and later that night on December 31st I will announce who our Ride of the year winner is.

What does it take to win ROTY?
To win ROTY you must be a active member through out the entire year, and have a Ford vehicle that has come a long ways, modded or restored. You must also be a outstanding member, meaning no warnings, infractions, or bans, or you will have no chance.

If you wish to make yourself known for the ROTY contest, posting in the showroom of all the work being done would be a good start, maybe even make a build thread?

Note: The same rules for ROTM apply to ROTY.


Rules for ROTM/ROTY. :1read:

No cheating, I.E making multiple accounts or asking friends and family to vote for you, you can post a thread in the showroom with pic's stating that your running for ROTM/ROTY, but don't ask for nom's or votes directly.

You must also fallow these rules above, if it is discovered that you are not fallowing the rules in any way, you will be ejected from the ROTM thread for a mandatory 6 months.

You must be a active member of to be in the ROTM nom's or votes. You must be active for atleast 30 days before you can run in the ROTM nominations or voting. Exceptions will be made as this is new.

No off topic post! Or I will delete them. :evilhehe:

And please don't post numerous times to nominate people, go back and edit your first post. It will make it easier on me when I go to tally up the nominations.

No fighting, This is for fun and fun only, I do not want to here about a certain member should not have won or been nominated, you will be dealt with if you do so.:noNO: I.E infraction, temporary ban, or permanently banned if you persist.

Have fun from the mods/admin team of
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