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Roush Cobra Vic!

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Guys I've been contacted by Roush in response to my many questions, and they said so far there is not enough interest to put the performance/appearance products for a new Crown Vic in mass production...

But they did make bumper cover and rear spoiler for the Boundant Driving School demos' as well as for a few BlackHawk prototypes.... The Cobra engine in no longer a scarce resourse.... many companies would stuff them into you vic, but check out those appearance touches by Roush:

<img src="">
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Dean, the contact information is on their web site!

As for the parts, NOTHING is available yet to the general public, that is according to one of the representatives of Roush that cared to write me back!

I would think that Roush is very serious in modding Crown Vics, as recently I've learned that a Naples Police Racing Interceptor (1995 CVPI) has been donated a brand spenking new Police Interceptor engiene modified with Cobra components, by Ford and Roush, who are now installing it in their facility!

I've even seen pictures where the car was in Roush's garage and the new engine was being installed!

So keep an eye out, they should be available soon!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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