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Professional drifter and Ford Mustang enthusiast Vaughn Gittin Jr. will present the 2018 RTR Mustang at the 2017 SEMA Show.

Although details on the 2018 RTR Ford Mustang won’t be announced until next week in Las Vegas, it will be available in three different stages like the current model. It is expected the Spec 3 model will have over 700 horsepower, an improvement over the current offering of 670 hp.

What we can tell however from the photos is the 2018 RTR Ford Mustang will retain the illuminated nostrils up front that can also be seen on the last RTR Mustang. Each sports car will also come with graphics and aero package, along with a signed plaque on the dash.

The Ford Mustang won’t be the only car getting the RTR treatment in time for this year’s SEMA Show. The company is also bringing the RTR Muscle Truck to Vegas, based on the Ford F-150.
View more photos of RTR Shows Off its Version of the 2018 Ford Mustang at
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