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Hello---- We have two 1990 Crown Victorias that are Fire Chiefs cars that have started to rust in the area of the "A" pillar and the inside fender weld near the center of the door jamb on the drivers side. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas on fixing it? I bought one of them... (The least rusting of the two) and want to fix it and drive the car. It is like new other wise and runs like new. I would like to kill the rust somehow and then coat it or something to keep it from coming back. Any ideas? I am going to go to Z bart and see what they say--- but just figured someone on here might have had this problem and might have a solution.
I bought the car for $10.00! and it has new brakes, tires, tuneup, a/c, about the only thing it needs is a good cleanup, fix the rust, and it also needs a new alternator...(doing that tommorow) and of course the alternator wiring harness the old one melted when the alternator went. It even has the lightbar and all of the equipment on it! (They just wanted to get rid of it) Thanks for any help.....
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