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Safety recall

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Why is Ford's rental amount set at $45.00 a day payout on safety recalls? When was the amount last reviewed? Wife took in the 2023 Bronco WildTrak for a scheduled safety recall repair today and do to the avg cost for a rental being $85 a day now, she had to set for hours at Todd Judy Ford waiting on a vehicle the amount Ford pays to become available.
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Not recently that's for sure. Most dealers have arrangements with a rental companies and can get a reduced rate for their repair customers. Did they even offer? $45 bucks is not enough.
I wouldn't be happy either. I feel that if your vehicle is in the shop due to a recall and it will need to be kept overnight, they should just loan you a vehicle or cover the entire cost of a rental. After all, its not your fault the vehicle is in the shop.
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