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Does anyone know of where they did performance times for this car. Any yank magazines test it? I'd love to see the times of one of Americas only Supercars, Naturally with ford engine. i reckon though that the mustang cobra gt should have a 240kw (320hp) dohc 4.6 in it and the cobra SVT should have a dohc 5.4 to leave the Cobra R with to make it an absolute beast. Have that Saleen 7 litre engine in it it would cream viper and vette.

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S7 Specs

Type All-Aluminum V-8 2V cam-in-block
Displacement 427 c.i.d. (7.0 liter)
Bore and Stroke 4 1/8" x 4.0" (104.8 x 101.6 mm)
Pistons Forged
Connecting Rods EN40B billet steel
Crankshaft 4340 forged billet steel
Induction system Roof intake feeding twin 80mm mass air meters feeding carbon fiber plenum. Magnesium oval bore throttle body (longitudinally mounted). Intake manifold: magnesium w/ 8 individual runners.
Heads CNC machined all-aluminum Saleen high flow
Valves Stainless steel with titanium retainers. Intake: 2.125" (54.0mm). Exhaust: 1.625 " (41.3mm). Beryllium exhaust seats.
Valve train Hydraulic roller lifter/roller rocker
Exhaust System Stainless steel high flow with merge collector incorporating dual catalysts per cylinder bank and EGR system
Required fuel 92 octane
Alternator 140 Amps
Battery 12 V
Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) Compact drive system w/side-mounted water pump
Emission Control System OBD-II compliant, dual heated oxygen sensor per bank, high-volume EVAP system
Fly-wheel 5.5" (139.7mm) steel 4-plate
Fuel System High capacity returnless with 42 lb./hr. injectors
Oil system High vacuum dry sump configuration. Capacity: 12.6 qt. (12l). Aluminum oil tank.
Horsepower 550 hp @ 6400 rpm
Torque 525 ft.-lbs. @ 4000 RPM
Redline 7000 rpm
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