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upon my walk today around downtown Boston. Unmarked Police cars seen.
front of City Hall Plaza. Across the street is the FBI also....I saw a
Black U.S Secret Service Mercury Grand Marquis GS. on the left hand
(passenger side) the visor had a red round light and a blue round
They were round like stop lights....
on the back of the visor was a sign U.S Secret Service piece of paper
the FBI logo and a Federal Marshalls logo I think...

There were also about 10 Massachusetts State police Taurus's there
with 5 or 6 older Crown Vic's. 96/97's (they didn't have the crown
victoria badge behind the fender - that's how I know they were 96/97)
have a blue piece of paper on their rear view that say SP in Blue and
of them have a piece of paper with the State logo that says
State Police

An Olsmobile Intruige was in front of the JFK federal building along
with a
Blacked out Camaro with Virginia plates that just had blue lights
the dash and a plackard on the dash that said. U.S Government.

In front of the other federal building was a 96/97 Crown victoria and
the officer did was take a FULL light bar - ya the ones that are
to go on the roof.. and stuck it on the rear dash. he had two metal
brackets on the back seat holding it in place.

That is the funniest thing I had seen all day......
There were also 3 Federal Protective Service Police officers outside
JFK federal building. standing next to their brand new 2001 cruiser. That is about it.
GREG - Boston
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