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I keep hearing about people that remove their SC air silencer.

Does it actually do anything at all (other than make the car quieter?)


remove silencer

The silencer does more than just "quiet" the rushing air.
If you remove it, you'll likely not notice any difference in sound

(at least I don't b/c the radio is on! :D)

But, the silencer is a RESTRICTIVE DEVICE to the air box. It is very easy to remove, and by doing so you remove a restriction to air flow.

Remeber the three points to increased performance:
(1) get the air in
(2) burn it
(3) get the exhaust out!

Removing restrictions on the intake and exhaust is a cheap and easy way to get more HP to the rear wheels.

I agree...

On my car it makes the engine have a large growl to it :)

The next step is to get a cotton+oil cone filter.
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