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Scientology Sponsoring NASCAR Racer

Inside Line

Scientology turns its attention to NASCAR with its sponsorship of the No. 27 Ford Taurus.

LOS ANGELES — Scientology is getting into NASCAR racing in an apparent effort to spread the group's philosophy to a wider audience.

The Ignite Your Potential racing team features driver Kenton Gray in a Ford Taurus and debuted in Irwindale, California, a few weeks ago.

The official sponsor is Bridge Publications, the Scientology-related publisher of Dianetics, written by L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientology founder. The car will bear the "Dianetics" logo and a replica of the book cover, which features a picture of a volcano.

As the New York Post notes, perhaps the most famous Scientologist is Tom Cruise, who played a NASCAR driver in the movie Days of Thunder in 1990.

A Web site is under construction but refers viewers to the site of Freedom Motorsports, which says the Dianetics sponsorship is a five-year contract and calls the Dianetics NASCAR racing car "regal and imposing."

What this means to you: Couch potatoes meet couch jumper as Scientology goes NASCAR. Oh c'mon, that was pretty good.
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