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Hi there in the US!
I am a 99' Cougar owner from germany. Well, since I am kid I want a nice, old MUSTANG. Me and my brother are looking for a '65-'69 , perhaps also a '70 Mustang in good condition. I know many people are trying to sell some very bad condition Mustangs for a lot of money. I definitly look for a Mustang, price range 10k to 15k. If you know someone in your area who wants to sell a Mustang (only 289ci V8 or bigger, no V6) send me a reply or mail. I am pretty often in the NY area, so it would be great to find someone there. If someone can give also some more information where to look at and what to look for on a old Mustang (things to check) I'd appreciate that. I gathered some information already from Mustang owners, books, homepages. But I'd love to know more.
Thanks in advance and many greetings from germany
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