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I am trying to sell my 1930 Model A, cutting down on my collection. It
is in great condition and starts and runs well.,1&item=4611966735&sspagename=STRK:MESE:IT


You are bidding on a 1930 Ford Model A Sedan. It is almost competely
original, unlike many of the "hot rods" you will find on ebay. The only
parts of the car that aren't original are the fender and the tires. The
fender is aftermarket fiberglass instead of the traditional steel. The
engine is the original, although it has been professionally rebuilt.
There are 500 miles on the engine since the rebuild. The engine runs,
starts and sounds good. The car runs exceptionally well for a car of
its age.

I have completed quite a bit of restoration work since getting the
car. $6,000 to $7,000 has been spent on restoration work: upholstery,
wires, motor plugs...etc. The frame was blasted and re-painted
professionally during the 70s. There is NO rust at all. The suspension
is in good condition and works well. The brake shoes and brakes are
new. The interior looks great. I do upholstery work for a living, thus
the interior of the car has been completed with new upholstery on the
seats/floor. The exhaust system is also in good condition with a new
tail pipe, new muffler, etc. This Model A has been in my possession
for over 46 years and has been a California car all of its life. The
car has been garaged while in my possession.

Pictures: A/

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