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selling my mazda b4000

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well i think i have done enough i need a two wheel drive so i can slam it want to sell it pic under the smurf members page asking 10,000o.b.o so if you want a great truck you can have mine email me in want more info on the truck also sellsing as is there is a cd player in the truck and the wiring for a stero and have factory whells and factory intake for the truck also has a freash paint job on the truck just done in oct of 2000 didi not see the snow last winter or will it this winter if i still ahve it :gok:
[email protected]:damack::bond:
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got it back thank god
You don't have to sell it? That's awesome!

yes yes i know and thanks but i need to sell it i want a 2 wheel drive and want a low rider so then i have to sell it but thanks for the comp man
i was refrering to the post nothing more about the truck for sell
well i got ****ed on hail damage i got 3500 for something that is totaled out damn it i cant ge trid of this thing
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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