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Well I thought I would start a FLAPOC thread going here seeing as no one else has. Just kinda interested in seeing how many will be there. Hopefully I will make it. If so it will be my first attendance to a meet since becoming a member. Lately I have really gotten into my car and want some ideas. NOS is on the way also. HEHE. Sept. 7 friday night theres street racing down in Gainesville Raceway. 6:30-10:00 i think. I will be going to check out the ricers and probably the Stangs. Maybe I can open a can woopass on some cars. It'd be cool to have some other Probes there. I know I have seen 3 sweet probes in Gainesville. Dont know if they are in the club or not. Well ive said enuff.


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Dyno Meet

Me and Charles will be there at 8pm at Irish Mikes to get the event started.

Price: $85/hr, +/-1 hour to set each car up and run it...

NOTE:If we get 10 cars for the meet, one (mine) will be free, I'll use that to lower the cost for everyone else, making it $77 per person!! But we need 10 people...

Time: We will start at 8:00AM

Directions and Maps: Click on the link below, it will have links to enter your address for directions and maps...
Maps and Directions

After the Dyno: We will all go to the store, get some food and head to Chris' house for a BBQ...

By their posts, so far FOR THE DYNO we have (Please Confirm):
Alan (95ProbeSS)
Mike (QuadCam_GT)
Bryan (FLAPOC-Pres)
Chris (Chris-97ProbeGT)
Brian (civickiller)
Steve (stevetford)

Attending but not dyno'ing:
Charles? (PROBEation)
??? (Livingw89PGT)
??? (SlimmGT)
??? (Inshan)
??? (youdontknownothingaboutth)
??? (Harrison)
Russel (??)

Unfortunately Shaun (Electric) can't make it for the 9th, he's gonna get... um... BE busy with his girl that's coming down to see him... You will be missed, Shaun...:tear:

1st gen probe know it all
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Dyno Meet

Dyno Meet resheduled to Saturday October 6th 2001 at 8:30am
Because of the Dyno machine having problems.
Here are directions
Take I4 to Est. State Road 50 (E.Colonial Dr)
Go East 4 miles .
Turn Left on Semoran Blvd go 4 miles.
Turn Left on University Blvd.
Go to 2 light which is Forsyth Road go Right.
Irish mikes is 2 miles on the right after school you can't mis it.
C you there.
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