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Serial # location 2002 F-150 stepside

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I’m trying to locate a s/n for my Leer hard bed cover that I believe is the same as a 2002 Lightening . I’m trying to locate a new old lock assembly or even used . I’ve looked all over and can only come up with the Leer logo painted on the underside of the cover . I’ll take any help I can get.


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Should be a tag somewhere on the cap itself (unless PO removed it), if underneath, by the lock mechanism, or usually somewhere along the outer edge, if not, could be in one of the "bowls" of the underside. Another possibility is on the outside of the cap on the flange at front of the cap (facing the back of the truck cab). Main point being, you may have to look this thing over with a fine tooth comb to find it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts