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Anyone on the Coast, Newcastle and Syndey, who doesn't trust your local mech or dealer to do your services and other mechanical work. A Ford Technician I work with and I are avaliable to do it Saturdays. Normally charges are around $25 an hour but for something like brakes charge is a set fee of $80.00 for the job +plus parts of course.

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Good onya Fellas!!!!!!
although this has nothing really to do with this, I actually lived a whole 900k round trip to get my car serviced by an "Authorised Ford Service Center".Getting rather peeved in taking the risk by either hitting kangaroo's,sheep,cattle or emu's i spoke to the manager from Lynford Ford & warranties claim officer arranging all the small services to be done myself(im an Engineering Tradesman), once major services were due i would either drive to perth or to port hedland. I had all this, written & signed by the parties involved on Ford Letterhead pages........
something else to look at hey...
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