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Service for a Supercharged '97 Cobra

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I recently purchased a '97 Cobra convertible from my son who lives in Colorado. I would like to have it checked out and serviced by someone who is equipped for and knowledgable in this car and its equipment. It has a Vortech supercharger and 4.10 rear, amongst other modifications. It had been running hot in Colorado, and with the recent hot spell here in Southeastern PA it continues to do so.
So, before I blow it up, I need to develop a relationship with a capable service organization. I can readily range from Harrisburg PA east to Easton, south to Philadelphia, west to Lancaster and back up to Harisburg. New Jersey (east of Philly) and Northern Delaware are within my range too.
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Cobra Service

To locate a reputable service facility based on word of mouth try going to the national svt cobra owners association site, then go to the new Ford Sponsored site SVT Owners Association. There are dealers (SVT) that have an excellent reputation.
I own an earlier SVO Mustang but I am also a member of the SO CA SVT Cobra Owners Association. My shop in CA specializes in Ford Factory High Performance.
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