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shaggin wagon

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hi guys this is my first time here... just thought i'd show off my baby.... oh and the missus as well. hehe

... this is a before shot....


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after shot

this is how i'd like it to look..... once the finances allow.
also coming is a gt front bar and ef tickford add ons.


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thanks guys....

i'm not really committed to those wheels... partly because theyre $660 each... i think i'll opt for the CSA FORCE 17inch... $260 each.

any of you guys got hot stereos?...
i'm running a clarion drx6675z head unit, kenwood 7x10's, pioneer bass bullet splits and a clarion vnet 4100 amp... it cranks.
i'm running 2 x 12inch crossfires in a sealed box (this is temporary).... i have the 4 speakers running off the front 2 channels and the subs running off the back 2.. nothing is running off the deck.
when i have the funds i will get rid of the crossfires and get 2 x 12inch JL's and 1 x 15inch (undecided what brand).... also a second clarion vnet 4100..... the box will be custom made to fit across the back.... room is getting sparse in the back. hehe
only mods so far is a 2.5inch exhaust.... mods planned are lowered pedders suspension, k&n filter and extractors.
yeah i do treat it a little better than my previous cars... last one was an xf taxi.... i'm really happy with the wagon.. i'm not used to luxury... in the past i would have been happy with a working fuel gauge lol
i dont mind the v8 but i think i'll want to improve its performance real soon.... any suggestions on cost effective mods?

also i'm not sure if i got it for a good price or not...
'93 EB fairmont ghia wagon 50L, 196,000kms, 1 owner. $10,500
what do you guys think?.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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