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shaggin wagon

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hi guys this is my first time here... just thought i'd show off my baby.... oh and the missus as well. hehe

... this is a before shot....


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Yeah nice car mate, finally another falcon wagon driver onboard, :D :D
Thought i was the only one, you got a good V8 donk in her to boot.
Looks like you keep the wagon in good nick :thumbup: :thumbup:
By the looks of things yours is an EB2, yeah thats a pretty good deal for $10,500. We had an EB1 CFi the 120kw 3.9, and got it for $6800 but this was a while back. The 5 litre is definitly a gem, don't find many 5 litres in a wagon. I reckon it's rarer than a manual. being a 5 litre v8 the engine would be still in good nick even at 196,000km.

Looks in very str8 nick for an EB2, keep lookin after it mate.

Just for the record my baby has done 190,000km.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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