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Hello all... Im a Newbie!

I have a vin question.

I've located a 65-66 Shelby GT350. I wanted to know is there a special code to identify a shelby from a regular fastback. I want to verify before I buy this car?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to the forums.

That serial number you have posted is not a Shelby number.

There is a special Shelby VIN plate put over the original Ford VIN on the drivers side inner fender panel which will start with SFM then have the Shelby serial number following it.. SFM stands for Shelby Ford Mustang. So a genuine Shelby will have both of these and the "K" code in the engine area of the Ford VIN.

The start of the Ford VIN should read for example 5R09K where yours has 5R00A but The "00" of yours will most likely be 09 if it is a fastback so you may have misread it.

Based on the info you have given then I have to say it's a replica.
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