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SHO National Convention

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Curious if any other SHOwners lurking here are planning on attending the National Convention in Oklahoma this summer? OH, and you guys on the SHOtimes list....yes, I know you are. :eek: )
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I'll be in SHOklahoma!

Already made the hotel reservations and am sending the $$$ in to for the track event.

Should be a great time. I'm taking the whole week off of work.

Lots of Gen 3 SHO's are planning on being watch out ;)
Dang, I wish I lived anywhere near OK. I would bring my 98 SE just to show off the non-SHO crowd. I wouldn't race, but I would love to be there to support my fellow SHO brothers. Now that I think of it, I probably should have bought that 1999 SHO last year. Oh well there shall be another.
Mike, there's SHO coming from ALL OVER the US & canada. If anything, you're probably closer than most of us. :)

*freezing his butt off in NW Ohio*
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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