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It's TIME to replace my Expy's shocks and I'm a bit confused on which brand name is better. Here's what 3 different mechanics R telling me.

Pros : Original, Cheap ($165 for pair and installation)
Cons : Why r they so cheap, compared to other brand name shocks.

2.- MONROE ----
Pros : Good Brand name, Lifetime Warranty, High Tech
Cons : Expensive ($83/each)

3.- GABRIEL ----
Pros : Good Brand name, Heavy Duty
Cons : Expensive ($80/each)

What shock absorbers do some of you have and how do you rate them ? If you have replaced them, did you use a different brand name and what are the differences?

Thanks for the H E L P.

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I'm getting ready to replace mine on my Exp. also. I'm probably going to go with Bilsteins (about $70.00 each), but I've also heard good things about the Edelbrock IAS shocks (about $80.00 each).
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