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Please read this email I received:

"Hi everyone.

I've posted to the BB list, information on this problem, recently and have had no responding posts. The apathy of the SE Qld motorcycling community leaves me wondering if it's worth fighting for the rights of riders. Please prove me wrong

Darlington Park will be closed by the Gold Coast City Council if the incumbent administration are returned in the council elections in 6 weeks time.

The Olympic gold medalist runner, Ron Clarke is running in opposition to the sitting mayor. Ron supports the continuation of the development of Darlington Park into an international standard raceway.

Darlington Park is a very important facility for the training of all levels of Queensland motorcycle riders in riding and safety techniques, and it's closure will seriously affect the level of training available to Queensland riders.

We're not talking about a place going broke, were talking about a fully financed commercial operation, closed down by the actions of an unconscionable land speculator, and an apathetic council. Same thing happened to Amaroo, Hungry Creek, Surfers Paradise, Lakeside et al.

On Sunday the 7th March I'm organising a Brisbane contingent of protesters to attend a support rally at the Darlington Park track. It will cost you nothing to attend, and there is a sausage sizzle to feed you, and repay you for your time in attending.

We will assemble at BP Yatala Service Centre from 8:00am and

leave at 8:40 or so

to arrive at the track at 9:00am for the rally where Ron Clarke will address the assembled masses, and attending media representatives.

The rally is scheduled to finish at 11:00 am

There will then be a Border Ranges ride of 150Km or so for those interested, leaving straight after the end of the rally.

This rally is open to anyone on a bike, whatever your affiliations, whatever list you subscribe to, whatever bike you ride. The media will be in attendance and the more support shown for the facility, the more chance we have of having it's continued existence. Bring your wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, neighbors, brothers sisters, mums and dads. Tell everyone you know about the rally, and get them to commit.

Post back to the list on which you read this, or contact me directly offlist, and commit to attending an event which may indirectly save your, your mate's or your child's life.

Get off your bum and do something, or the facility will be lost forever.

Please feel free to repost this on any list that may increase the attendance numbers.

further info @

Rod Campbell
Ducati 996SPS


Visit the MRAQ Web Site at"

ok so that is about motorcycle's but,... i thought you guys would be interested in showing support, as it is also used my cars, and i am sure you all dont want to see another venue go as well.

so c'mon stand up and be heard, i for one will be there!!

the motorcycle link for anyone is ->

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