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Hi, I'm new to the board as of 10 minutes ago and
have a question for anyone who might know what my
problem is. The coolant light on my dash was lit
so I checked the levels and found it was low. I
added about 8 oz. of antifreeze/water, ran the
motor for 10 minutes and everything seemed fine.
About an hour later I as I was driving down my
street the car started to loose power and sputter.
It died but I was able to start it again to get around a corner and off the street. It died again
and skipped and sputtered as I tried to start it.
The car only has 29,000 miles on it but unfortunately I am not the original owner.
Does anyone have a clue what the problems is?

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well susan

Unless you were really low on coolant I don't think your coolant is a problem. Sounds to me more like an electrical problem like ignition or something of that nature. Loose plug wire maybe. Its very hard to say without looking at the car myself.


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Thanks Jason, I have since found out that I had a bad
fuel pump.
My little red pony is all better now. :)
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