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OK, i've managed to decode almost all of the numbers on my Falcon..

JG - Australian Broadmeadows
31YJ - Jan '81 XD wagon
Trans code L - 4 speed floor shift
Engine W - 4.1 Litre A/H

Ok, so heres the question - is there a comprehensive list of both..
SIDO numbers? Cant remember the number offhand, But i'd like to know where it came from, as it hasnt got the original numberplate.. could have been from over east or something, etc
Paint Codes - EY400.. I got a tin of paint with the car, and its described as a Ford Fleet colour. I've NEVER seen a falcon the same colour as mine. ever. its like a blue teale, with a black underchassis.. and its the factory paintjob too. Any ideas if this was an RPO colour?

Thanks in advance!

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Get in contact with Felicity at the Discovery Centre [email protected] You can get a "Vehicle Identification Catalogue 1960-1986" off her. Should answer most of your questions.
As for the paint.. dunno mate.. sorry.. :(

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I have a XD Repair manual that has vin codes here goes
digits1&2 prod line
digit3 model year
digit4 body style

engine code
D 3.3highcomp
A 3.3lowcomp
F 4.1high comp
P 4.9
T 5.8


N 3sp column
L 4sp floor
R 3spauto column
B T bar auto

B black
L brown
P dovegrey
T camel


T wedgewood
B arctic blue
C midnight
D mint glase
U emerald
X lemon lime
G marigold
Z burnt orange
K monza red My fave
L hermitage
3 goldust
4 pewter glow
5 silver gray
Q nutmeg
7 ghost gum
8 sand stone
9 sno-white
Thats all the colours listed.
I have seen an XD the colour blue you,r talking about I think.It's similar to XC colour blue I had. Not very common .Hope this helps :D
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