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Hey, Travis and I, and a few other truck and suv guys have been planning on heading up to Michigan on Friday the 31st of August. We are going to go offroading in the Sand Dunes up there. Its a lot of fun and any vehicle will be able to make it around up there. The trails aren't that hardcore, and there are some pretty big hills and water pits. Its very fun. You must buy a State Park Daily pass for like $4 bucks and a 2001 ORV (Offroad Vehicle Permit) for $20. Then you must buy a flag for $20 bucks and your set to go in the dunes. Its a lot of fun and there are no rules really. Anyways, would any of you guys be interested? It was going to be us originally. (I am meeting up with Travis up there) Anyone can caravan up there with me. Hopefully this notice is good for anyone to get time off of work. Give me some feedback...

Go to and check out directions. Its near ludington in MI which is about 220 mi away. It will take 3-4 hrs to head up there (from chitown)

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