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Nice Car huh ?
Post your thoughts here.

'New' police car attention-getter

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St. Joseph Police Department Officer Richard Bradley stands with the 2001 Chevrolet Impala that has been ‘tricked out’ — upgraded — to use for parades, school programs and other community outreach purposes. (IVAL LAWHON JR./St. Joseph News-Press)

On New Year’s Day, the vehicle sat dormant, parked behind Lindbergh Elementary School with a shot-out windshield courtesy of some weapon-wielding vandals the night before.
Now, almost two months later, one of the St. Joseph Police Department’s vandalized patrol cars is back on the streets, cruising around St. Joseph in style with a repaired windshield and much, much more.

Thanks to the help of some local merchants, the improved vehicle goes beyond the normal hubcaps, lights and sirens in an attempt to promote a more people-friendly Police Department.

“We liked it because it will hopefully reach the people we normally wouldn’t reach,” said Cmdr. Jim Connors, a spokesman for the Police Department.

With a fresh, new paint job and 20-inch wheels, this standard 2001 Chevrolet Impala patrol vehicle has been transformed into a “tricked-out” community liaison.

“Our goal was to have people want to come over to the vehicle and check it out, instead of trying to avoid it like many people do when they see a police car,” said Officer Richard Bradley, who came up with the idea for the vehicle and installed most of its accessories. “It is designed to be a communication-starter between the citizens and the Police Department.”

Mr. Bradley said he hopes the vehicle will bridge the communication gap between the police and the young drivers along the Belt Highway who have high-performance vehicles.

But don’t expect the vehicle to be just eye candy to other motorists. Mr. Bradley said he and the vehicle would spend the next year going to special events, such as parades and informational programs, as well as patrolling the Belt Highway from time to time, enforcing speeding and seat-belt violations.

Last weekend, the vehicle was on display at the World of Wheels Show at Bartle Hall in Kansas City. While the car was not there to be judged, thousands of people still were treated to a first-hand peek at the “souped-up” vehicle.

And Mr. Bradley said it turned more than a few heads.

“It was absolutely noticed,” he said. “Everyone seemed to like it. Several police officers from Kansas City took a good look at it. They liked what they saw.”

Loading up a vehicle with all the tricks can come with a steep price tag. However, because local merchants came together and donated all the car’s accessories and Mr. Bradley volunteered more than 200 hours of his own time installing the parts, the new-look cruiser came free of cost to the city.

Some of the vehicle’s highlights include dual-exhausts, neon lights under the car, sleek blue and silver decals, tinted windows, a spoiler and a throttle-body spacer to improve the car’s fuel economy.

This stealth-looking vehicle will be ready for duty sometime in the next few weeks, and the Police Department is looking forward to its positive benefits, Mr. Bradley said.

“This is a tool to be used to open a line of communication with the people,” he said. “We want people to come over to the vehicle and talk with us. It will help us getting to know one another, and it may help in recruiting. It definitely sheds a positive light on our Police Department.”

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Sorry it is still a FWD POS wanna be Impala.

Ohh yeah I am a former 9c1 and Impala SS owner. Unless it is a v8 rwd it will never be an impala or given any respect by me.

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Finally got to see one of the Impala "cop cars" the other day. Have to admit the ones on the "CSI" TV show look meaner but talk about "Rent-A-Cop"! Not exactally a pursuit vehicle, unless th epursuit of a parked car.

With all the equipment the cops carry on their body I can't wait until one of them get hung up trying to get in and out of the Chebbie.

Also been watching the local Crown Vics, seeing a lot of body damage due to some of the older, narrower streets around here. But when it comes right down to it the Viccies are easier to repair and cantake more physical damage before being kncoked out of action.

And they don't have to call in a second vechile to haul suspects downtown with the Vic's. Looks like the only way to get a second person in the Imp would be to have the cop throw the box of donuts out first. LOL

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I am a Cop and drive a Impala on the job, however , I drive a p71 as my personal vehicle. I would not trade my p71 for two FWD Impalas.They're really hard to get out of quickly and do not hold up as good as RWD cars.The 96,95,94,93 Caprices would out run but not out handle the p71.You could get out of them sideways if you wanted to, but , overall... gimme the Ford. Thats from a life long General Motors guy until I got a P71
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