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Any body have anything cool going on?

Me.. I just moved into a new house and i'm in the process of painting it.

Also I'm going to Rhode Island June29-July 1st to go get my Studebaker P/U which has Big block Ford FE Toploader 4spd setup in it

Looking forward to finishing my car for the Linc/SS shootout.

May be going to Gainseville FFW this weekend...Not going to compete due to still having trans problems but I want to watch some of my friends race and generally have a good time.Maybe I'll find/buy some parts for the Lincoln.



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i just took my exhaust off so now there is nothing after the cats. its REALLY LOUD but is sweet. scared the **** out of my friends they thought it was going to blow up :) .

school is getting out in a few days, YES ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!!

and then i start working to try and make the big bucks :)

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hey guys, im going to start work on my engine with in the next week or two, depending on if my dad gets all of his crap out of my garage. hopefully will be able no whoop up on a few impalas in november.

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