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I have a 1997 E-350 cutaway on which is mounted a Jayco Class C motorhome. My mechanic and I have found some discrepancies in the instrument panel fuse box.

I compared the fuses from the owner's manual with what is in the fuse box. I found some discrepancies.

In slot # 1, the manual calls for 20 amp, installed is a 15 amp.
In slot # 2, the manual calls for 15 amp, installed is a 20 amp.
In slot # 23, the manual calls for 20 amp, installed is a 15 amp.
In slot # 26, the manual calls for Not used, installed is a 5 amp.
In slot # 28, the manual calls for 25 amp, installed is a 20 amp.

Slot # 1: 4WABS or RABS module Not sure about those acronyms; any guesses?
Slot # 2: 4WABS relay (coil), RABS (diode/resistor), instrument cluster, warning chime
Slot # 23: Cigar lighter, data link connector
Slot # 26: Not used
Slot # 28: Instrument panel power point

I will be asking the PO if he knows anything about these discrepancies. In the meantime, can anybody here provide some valuable information I might be missing? Thanks.

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4WABS= 4 Wheel Antilock Brake System
RABS= Rear Antilock Brake System

I'd swap #1 with #2, and get the right fuses for the rest.
Can't go wrong going off the manufacturers' specs, even if being used as a motorhome, shouldn't make any difference with what you listed.
The Not used is a spare port and might have had something hooked to it at one time.
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