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I attended a lunch with Mark Skaife talking at it today (part of the PR for the Pukekohe round of the Shell series).

Someone in the audience asked if he thought that we would see the new Monaro on the track. Mark said "No, I dont think Ford would be happy with the parity" (to paraphrase him).

Another person asked if we would see the championship open up to other marques. Mark said "No, if it isn't broken don't try to fix it" (to paraphrase him). Basically he was saying that theres been a hell of a lot of hard work done to get the championship to the state is is now, so why would anyone want ot risk buggering it up by making changes. I think there are some people in the biz who need to make a return on some of their long-term investments...

BTW, Allan Moffat was in on the lunch which was great to see. The guys from HRT really aknowledged him as a true Aussie motor sport legend, which as nice to see.

Well, it's all on from tomorrow.

I'll post any interesting photos from tomorrow nite, and on over the weekend.
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