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Southeast Probe Meet in the ATL

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Hey Guys! I just want to let you all know about APOC's Southeast Probe Meet coming up in April. It will be April 20-22 in Atlanta (Marietta to be more specific). We are still getting the hotel together but plan on a group dinner on Friday, a car show with a party afterwards on Saturday, and a Dyno on Sunday. Hope you can come, it will be a blast! Let me know if you are interested!
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Also to let everyone know SCProbes will be joining us in this event. We already have people from Alabama, Flordia, Noth Carolina, and APOC members from all over our state showing up. People who drive MX-6s, 626s, MX-3s, and ZX-2s. Are all invited to come down here to help celebrate our one year anivesery. More details will be coming soon. Hope ya'll can make it. :D
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