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Hey guys,

We're setting up the SOUTHERN SUPERHEAVY SHOOTOUT between Lincolns and Impala SS. Here is the info, EMail me if you're interested:

Update on the SOUTHERN SUPERHEAVY SHOOTOUT as of 03-31-2001

Impalas vs. Lincolns (Total so far: 16 Lincolns -- 16 Impalas)

I'm trying to set-up at Bradenton (Desoto -- Tampa, FL) for the middle of November on a Saturday.

Since some of the guys run in the 15s and don't really want to race the big guns, we're setting it up like the Street Outlaw races. You'll have 3 way to race each time you pull up to the line, but you have to pick your racing partner first.

1) Bracket type - post your ET on your window, then the lights will be staggered based on your posted ET.
2) Heads up with time slip for both cars.
3) Heads up with no time showing for both cars (for the shy street racer types hehehehehe) - just put NT on your window.

I think this is more fun than an elimination type of race. This way you get to run as much as you want. We will also need a group our wives/girlfriends/ buddies to keep track of everyone's times and act as referees.

If anyone has contacts with some of the car mags, it would be great to have this Shootout turn up as an article somewhere. If we do this right, it could be a yearly event!

Since enough guys want the trophies, we'll just tack on 10 bucks for everybody. As of right now, we're still talking 20 bucks to race + 10 bucks for trophies (30 bucks).

21 trophies total:

Best ET Overall, 2nd, 3rd
Best ET Lincoln Power adder, 2nd, 3rd
Best ET Impala Power adder, 2nd, 3rd
Best ET Lincoln NA, 2nd, 3rd
Best ET Impala NA, 2nd 3rd
Best average bracket, 2nd, 3rd (average of difference between posted dial time and actual time) This way it doesn't matter how many races you ran.
Most wins for the day, 2nd, 3rd (for the guys willing to abuse their cars!)

If you win one trophy, you can't win again. It's your choice which trophy you want. Lowest ET gets the choice.

N = naturally aspirated P = power adder

16 Lincolns 16 Impalas

N Jack Carter - 97 Mark VIII (J.C.)
N Dan Dragon - 89 LSC (DDrag-LSC)
P Dave Gaines - 90 MkVII (Dr.Ford)
P John Garten - 88 MkVII (Purple Panther)
P Dave Gillis - 90 LSC SE (FLA-LSCSE)
P Frank Gonzalez - 90 MkVII (HTRDLNCN)
P Chris Lanigan - Car??? (NOS HotRodLincoln)
N Tom Law - Car??? (TOM)
P Bryan Lewis - 87 LSC (Disney Lincoln)
N Larry Milby - 90 LSC (CRMcGrath)
P Steve and Steve Ouellette - MkVII and MkVIII (TT Mark VII LSC)
P Dave Overcast - 88 LSC (JunkYardDogLSC)
P Anthony Petrone - Car??? (Bigant)
N Dallas Reagh - 88 LSC
N Steven Schultz - 96 MkVIII (SNSmarkviii)

P Evans Barker - 96 Impala SS
N Jesus Barreto - 96 Impala SS (JB)
N Wayne Beaman - 95 Impala SS
N Keith Brantley - 96 Impala SS (brantleyss)
P George Debski - 95 Impala SS (SSMOKEM or Cherry Bomb)
N Karl Ellwein - 95 Impala SS (Karl Ellwein)
P Chett Levay - 96 Impala SS (NASSTY)
N Gerry Massie - 96 Impala SS (Gerry)
N Roger McKay - 96 Impala SS
N Charles McNabb - 95 Impala SS (1PHAT SS)
N Scott Miller - 95 Impala SS (CloakedSS)
N Matt Mills - 96 Impala SS (mattm)
P Jorge Perez - 96 Impala SS (Miamispd)
P John Rafteseh - 96 Impala SS (Bad Bowtie)
P Jorge Santiago - 96 Impala SS (Bustn)
N Howard Sharf - Impala SS

Here are two links where we can discuss this:

My EMail: [email protected]
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