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Dear Professional,

Equipment, tools and plain old 'stuff' keeps on getting more advanced,

heavy and expensive. People need to move this equipment from place to
and as such the number of back injuries is constantly increasing.
Unfortunately, the global economy dictates that we have to do more in
less time.

This is a deteriorating situation and will only get worse.

Well, there is good news on the horizon for those that have the need to
regularly or periodically
lift heavy objects.

The Spitzlift.

The Spitzlift is a 33 lb portable crane that has a lifting capacity of
700 pounds. It mounts to just about any vehicle or stationary object
and in many
cases mounts in minutes with no modifications! When the job is done
the crane
folds up into a nice tidy package that can be stored behind the seat in
a pickup or in the closet or garage. It is the tool that people have
looking for! It can be employed for any number of uses:

* Facilities Maintenance
* Machine Shops
* Engine Shops
* Hunters
* Plumbers
* At Ikea to lift boxes into the back of the truck or SUV
* Ay Home Depot to load heavy boxes
* At home while working on the 'project' car
* When moving into a new home and there is a need to lift heavy boxes.
* At the river to load and unload the Personal Watercraft
* In the field to lift up the game for dressing out
* Highway contractors
* Law enforcement
* HVAC Contractors
* Military
* Many others....

Best of all is the affordability of the Spitzlift. A complete system
for a vehicle with a 2" tow receiver only costs $799.95. Order before
the end
of January and receive a 20% discount. Fleet discounts available.

Come to to see more details.


David Inniss
Vice President, Marketing
Hirok, Inc
1924 Mission Road, Suite N
Escondido, CA 92029
[email protected]
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