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Preliminary planning is in the works.

Spring Dyno:
  • first week of March
  • First week of April
  • other

Looking for input and suggestions, remember, this is your meet :)

The facility will not change, the prices will not change, unless we can get them to come down some :)

You still get 2 pulls and a printout and saves to DISK.

And you get LUNCH Catered.

And this year there will be awards.

Prelimilary categories:
  • Max power 1G N/A
  • Max Power 1G turbo
  • Max Power 2G 2.0
  • Max Power 2G 2.5
  • Max Power Probe JDM
  • Max power NOS
  • et. al.

And the awards will include real prizes, such as cash and beer.

gotta love it.

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the first week of april is my spring break. i would like to vote for the first week in march. but im just one person.
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